frege@stirling June 22-23

Frege@Stirling Workshop I

—Frege’s Epistemology of Basic Logical Laws—

June 22-23, 2013

University of Stirling

Pathfoot Building – Room B2

Invited speakers:

Gottfried Gabriel (Jena) — Øystein Linnebo (Birkbeck) — Robert May (UC Davis)

Erich Reck (UC Riverside) — Peter Sullivan (Stirling) — Joan Weiner (Indiana)


Fraser MacBride (Glasgow) — Adam Rieger (Glasgow)

Marcus Rossberg (UConn) — Stewart Shapiro (Ohio/St Andrews)



According to Frege, the Urproblem of arithmetic is the question of how we apprehend logical objects. The success of the logicist enterprise, then, depends not just on providing a systematic proof-theoretical reduction of arithmetical truths to logical truths, but also, and crucially, on the availability of a satisfactory answer to the question of how we can justifiedly hold certain basic truths to be logical, for, by Frege’s lights, it is only through those laws that we can come to grasp logical objects by purely logical means.

Our workshop will examine the prospects for a reconstruction of Frege’s view concerning the epistemology of basic logical laws that would better illuminate their role within his broader conception of logic.


Information about StirlingPhilosophy@Stirling, Stirling Campus, Campus MapTravelling to Stirling.

Registration: £50 (including conference dinner, lunches and coffees); £30 (excluding conference dinner). Registration is free for those who will not be attending any meals.

The Analysis Trust has kindly made available  four accommodation + conference fees bursaries for graduate students. All bursaries have now been awarded.

The Scots Philosophical Association have generously made available child support cover for those attending the workshop. Interested parties please contact us to make the appropriate arrangements.

For further information regarding the workshop, please contact the organisers, Philip Ebert and Walter Pedriali.


A second workshop will take place in May 2014 focusing on Frege’s conception of sense and the inference-guiding role assigned to sense under that conception. In 2015, a conference called ‘A Meeting of Minds’ will draw together themes from the two workshops, consider indeterminacy issues arising at crucial points in Frege’s framework and explore the prospects for a unified Fregean account of content, context and logical laws.

The series of workshops is partly sponsored by an Early Career Leverhulme Trust Award held by Walter Pedriali. Additional funds are provided by the Scots Philosophical Association and the University of Stirling.



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